Slate Coffee
September 19, 2023
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Slate Coffee

The opportunity

For Slate Coffee, the opportunity arose from their desire to implement a custom section on their website for promoting sales as needed. The challenge? Their current Shopify theme lacked this specific feature, presenting a unique hurdle. They sought a solution that would not only integrate seamlessly with their existing digital aesthetic but also offer the flexibility to highlight promotions and engage customers directly with their artisanal coffee offerings. The goal was to craft a feature that allows Slate Coffee to dynamically showcase sales, new arrivals, or special blends, enhancing their ability to connect with and captivate their audience while driving their business goals forward.

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What we did

In response to this unique challenge, we delved into the Shopify Liquid code, Shopify's templating language, to engineer a solution tailored precisely to Slate Coffee's needs. Our approach involved crafting a custom section that provides Slate Coffee the flexibility to curate and control their sales promotions. This innovation empowers them to decide what to promote, when to launch it, and where it should appear on their website. This bespoke section was designed with complete customization in mind, allowing Slate Coffee to effortlessly integrate their sales promotions into various parts of their online presence. Whether it's spotlighting a new blend, announcing a limited-time offer, or highlighting seasonal sales, this solution offers the adaptability to keep their promotions dynamic and engaging. The integration of this custom feature into their Shopify theme not only resolved the initial challenge but also elevated the functionality of their digital storefront. It signifies our commitment to meeting our client's specific needs through creative problem-solving and technical expertise, ensuring Slate Coffee's online platform is as refined and versatile as their artisanal coffee.

Project Details: Custom Sales Promotion Feature for Slate Coffee

Faced with the unique need of Slate Coffee to dynamically promote sales on their Shopify site, we encountered a significant challenge: their theme lacked this capability. Our mission was to blend this functionality seamlessly with their existing design, maintaining the artisanal feel of their brand while introducing a powerful promotional tool. Diving into Shopify's Liquid code, we crafted a custom section, enabling Slate Coffee to curate and insert sales promotions anywhere on their site with full autonomy. This customization allows for timely and targeted showcases of products, sales, and special offers directly within their Shopify theme.

Highlight Features:

  • Customizable Promotional Sections: Developed a versatile feature that empowers Slate Coffee to update and manage promotions, ensuring content freshness and relevance.
  • Flexible Placement: Enabled the feature to be inserted across various pages, providing Slate Coffee the strategic advantage of positioning sales promotions effectively.
  • User-Friendly Backend: Ensured ease of use with a simple interface in Shopify's admin panel, allowing the Slate team to update promotions without needing technical assistance.

By integrating this bespoke sales promotion feature, we enhanced Slate Coffee's digital environment, aligning it with their strategic marketing goals and elevating the user experience. This project is a testament to how custom solutions can profoundly impact a brand's online engagement and sales.


In reflecting on our journey with Slate Coffee, we are reminded of the power of tailored solutions in overcoming digital hurdles. This endeavor not only addressed a direct need but also opened new avenues for customer engagement and business growth for Slate Coffee. It stands as a shining example of our commitment to meeting our clients' needs through innovation and personalized service, further cementing the foundation for a lasting partnership.

"Working with Jabari was like finding the perfect blend for our new espresso shot—absolutely spot on. He really got what Slate Coffee is all about, bringing our vibe to the digital world in a way that felt like he’s been part of our team for years. The way he tackled our website’s special features made our offerings shine and seriously boosted our connection with customers. It’s more than just a job well done; it’s a game changer for us. Can’t wait to see where this collaboration takes us next."