Cross and Crescent Christian Apparel
December 27, 2021
Web Desgin, Branding

The opportunity

Cross and Crescent Apparel approached us with a vision deeply rooted in faith and community. They sought a digital platform that not only showcased their Christian-themed apparel but also resonated with their core message of unity and hope. The challenge was to create a simple yet powerful online space that would amplify their voice and connect with a community eager for apparel that speaks to their values. The goal was to weave together design and functionality in a way that reflects the company's commitment to their faith, ensuring the website itself became a testament to their beliefs and mission. Our task was to design a site that serves not just as a storefront, but as a beacon of their message, inviting users into a space where fashion meets faith.

summer collection

What we did

For Cross and Crescent Apparel, we embraced the simplicity and depth of their mission to create a user-friendly digital space that resonates with both the brand and its community. Our design centered around a clean, navigable layout, introducing a headline banner that immediately captures the essence of their message. We implemented a sticky header to ensure seamless exploration, allowing their ethos and product categories to remain constantly accessible. The featured collection section highlights their latest offerings, drawing visitors into the heart of their mission through curated apparel pieces. Additionally, we integrated a blog section, recognizing the brand's desire to connect more deeply with their audience through shared stories, reflections, and insights, enriching the community experience. The apparel collection section is designed to not only showcase their products but to tell the story behind each piece, aligning with the brand’s commitment to faith and fashion. This project was a harmonious blend of functionality and message, creating a platform where Cross and Crescent Apparel can truly flourish.

Project Details: Crafting a Digital Home for Cross and Crescent Apparel

For Cross and Crescent Apparel, the mission was clear from the start: create a straightforward, user-friendly website that would eloquently convey their message of faith through fashion. Understanding the power of simplicity and clarity, we embarked on designing a digital platform that not only highlighted their apparel but did so in a manner that resonated with their ethos of unity and hope.

We dove into developing a site that balances ease of use with impactful messaging. By focusing on a clean, navigable layout, we ensured that both the client and their customers would find the website inviting and straightforward to explore.

Highlight Features:

  • Headline Banner: Created an engaging first impression to convey the brand’s mission immediately upon site entry.
  • Sticky Header: Implemented for easy navigation, ensuring key pages are accessible from anywhere on the site.
  • Featured Collection Section: Curated to spotlight select apparel, aligning with current themes or promotions.
  • Blog Section: Added for the brand to share stories, updates, and insights, fostering a deeper connection with their community.
  • Apparel Collection: Organized for easy browsing of their complete range, ensuring customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Through meticulous planning and a focus on the brand’s core values, we crafted a digital presence that serves as a beacon for their community. This project stands as a testament to the ability of thoughtful design to elevate a brand’s message and connect deeply with its audience.


Reflecting on our collaboration with Cross and Crescent Apparel, we’re reminded of the impact thoughtful design can have on a brand’s digital journey. This project, rooted in simplicity and clarity, showcases how a well-executed website can serve as a powerful platform for conveying a brand’s message and connecting with its audience on a meaningful level. Our work with Cross and Crescent Apparel reinforces our commitment to creating digital spaces that resonate with and enrich the user experience.

"Jabari captured the spirit of Cross and Crescent Apparel perfectly, turning our ideas into a digital reality that far exceeded our expectations. His understanding of our mission and attention to detail shone through every aspect of the website. It's not just the design that's impressive, but how user-friendly and accessible he made the entire experience for our customers. We're seeing a positive impact on our community engagement and couldn't be happier with the results. It's clear this is the start of a valuable and lasting collaboration"